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Each room has specific needs. Tarkett has specific solutions!


For the living room, you need :

> Resistance to daily wear and scratches
> Practical and easy maintenance
> Style for comfort and conviviality

For the home office, you need :

> Hard-wearing and resistance
> Easy maintenance
> Style & comfort

For the entrance and hallways, you need :

> Wear, stain and scratch resistance
> Ease of cleaning for long-lasting beauty
> Comfort and noise reduction

For the kitchen, you need :

> Resistance to moisture, stains and scratches
> Hygiene and hard-wearing
> Style and functionality

For the bedroom, you need:

> Noise and impact absorption
> Simple maintenance
> Designs for well-being

For the kids rooms, you need:

> Resistance, safety and hygiene
> Underfoot comfort
> Colors and patterns

For the bathroom, you need:

> Water and slip resistance
> Hygiene > Visual and walking comfort