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Discover floors for Entrance & hallways

A beautiful entrance floor can give a great and stylish first impression. Choose from a variety of floors including vinyl and LVT.

Discover floors for Bedroom

Choosing the right floors and colours can help create a relaxing atmosphere thanks to sound reducing flooring materials, relaxing colours or designs.

Discover floors for Home office

Choosing the right floor for your home office can help create an atmosphere of calm, concentration, inspiration and creativity, and help reduce noise.

Discover floors for Kids bedroom & playroom

Choosing the right floor for kids' bedrooms and playrooms means choosing hard-wearing and easy to clean floors that will help create a playful atmosphere.

Discover floors for Kitchen

Kitchens are often the hearts of our homes where family and friends meet and eat. Choose a floor that is durable and reflects your style and personality best.

Discover floors for Living room

Living rooms are spaces where floors should combine aesthetics and practicality. Choose a floor that matches your style and makes your home welcoming.

Discover floors for Bathroom

Floors in bathrooms need to combine both aesthetics and water-resistance. Explore our selection of water-resistant floors with designs to suit every style.

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iD Inspiration Loose Lay
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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

iD Inspiration Loose Lay

iD Inspiration Loose Lay collection with its unique herringbone anti-skid technology that provides stronger plank adherence and stability than other modular vinyl solutions. It also lets you mix and match from a wealth of great designs from distressed beach woods, to sawn-worn oaks and christmas pines, iD Inspiration Loose-lay vinyl floors can be easily combined to create stunning layouts. And with little preparation and no glue, these loose-lay tiles and planks are up to three times faster to install than other modular vinyl flooring, making it the ideal solution for overnight renovation. Engineered to be comfortable underfoot with its 8-layer construction while still being robust, durable and easy to clean. It also features a glass fibre reinforcement layer and a separate balancing layer ensuring the product delivers optimum dimensional stability. Its patented anti-skid backing prevents sliding in all directions and provides strong plank adherence. Treated with our TopClean surface protection for easy maintenance and extra resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains.
Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Product type ISO: Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Domestic classification: 23 Heavy
Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
Industrial classification: 42 General
Surface treatment: Top Clean XP
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Technical and environmental specifications
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