Cradle to Cradle Certifications

Cradle to Cradle Certifications

We strive to eco-design with good materials.

This starts with the ingredients that go into our flooring. Since 2011, we’ve worked with the scientific institute EPEA to apply Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) principles throughout our activities. We have assessed thousands of ingredients to understand their impact on our health and the planet and continually seek to improve our products with new formulations and alternative ingredients.


According to Cradle to Cradle® and circular economy principles, products should serve as ingredients in new manufacturing processes or as nutrients in the biological cycle at the end of use.

The Cradle to Cradle® certification is based on 5 criteria:

  • material health
  • material reutilisation
  • renewable energy and carbon management
  • water stewardship
  • social fairness

The certification looks at the chemical ingredients used in the product formulation. It assesses the effects on human health and the environment, considering the risk of exposure on the flooring application as well as their ability to be recycled/composted. Cradle to Cradle® helps Tarkett on the continuous optimisation of its products and the certification system allows to identify the opportunities of improvement.