Inspiration Ultimate Hybrid LVT

Inspiration Ultimate Hybrid LVT

Tarkett's hybrid floors are perfect for Australian spaces. They have the beauty of natural wood but without the drawbacks. That means less noise, faster installation, lower costs, easier maintenance and outstanding durability, even in tough climatic conditions.

With Tarkett's Inspiration Ultimate Hybrid LVT, you can turn your floors into a highlight in every room, and transform your entire home practically overnight. Featuring a soft foam base layer, they can be installed directly over ceramic or porcelain tiles, timber and concrete, with little or no surface preparation in most cases.

The look and feel of wood

Tarkett Hybrid flooring features a high definition printed layer that recreates the look of timber and concrete. Our Inspiration Ultimate range of products feature Tru-Grain Technology that perfectly mimics the natural grain of timber.

Water-proof, stain-proof, dent-proof, life-proof
• Extraordinary resistance to everyday wear and tear
Resistant to indentations from stilettos & stains from food and beverages
Easy to clean without the need for any harsh chemicals

The perfect solution to reduce noise
• Designed to deliver superior impact sound resistance

• Features a built-in acoustic foam backing, which reduces noise between floors by an impressive 19dB
• Helps to dampen in-room noise

Everyone should feel good inside
• Minimises the places where dust and other allergens can build up

Every plank is made using a process that avoids harmful compounds
• Air quality 10 times better than Europe's highest standards

Handle the heat, the cold and the light
Extremes of heat and cold won't affect the appearance or dimension of your Hybrid floor

Designed to withstand the conditions inherent to the harsh Australian climate

Inspiration Ultimate Layers
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