Laminate flooring is a multi-layer flooring material made from wood fiber that was designed to give the closest replication of natural wood material. It’s made from four main layers pressed in one single operation at a very high temperature and pressure.

  • The bottom layer of our Laminate provides protection of the core board from moisure and guarantee dimensional stability.
  • The core board is made of high-density fibreboard, from more than 80% wood, to provide exceptional structure strength and high resistance.
  • On top is a premium decorative layer with a printed image to allow a wide variety of detailed design and beautiful colors and patterns.
  • An innovative transparent surface protection, which sits on top to protect the surface from everyday wear and tear. It also helps maintenance thanks to its hard sealed surface which is stain-resistant, and ensures long lasting durability.



To enhance the construction of our Laminate flooring, we provide an integrated acoustic cork backing composed of multiple small air pockets to guarantee an optimal protection against impact noise and offers greater walking comfort.



1. Highly resistant protective surface
2. Premium decorative layer
3. High density core board for better resistance
4. Highly stable balancing layer
5. Integrated cork layer (Soundlogic 932 only)

How durable is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is highly durable. The high-density core board ensures excellent impact resistance and withstands heavy furniture without denting. The top layer protects the surface against scratching and fading, which makes Laminate the perfect choice for rooms where there are a lot of comings and goings such as in the living rooms or in individual homes or apartments with pets.

Laminate flooring solutions are suitable for heavy domestic use, particularly in kitchen area, where flooring needs to withstand day-to-day home life. Thanks to its hard sealed surface, our Laminate floor is stain-resistant, meaning that spill and drips, food stains, heat and dropped utentsils, as well as a constant traffic, are not a problem.