London Waste and Recycling Board - London, UK

London Waste and Recycling Board - London, UK

2018 | London, UK

When the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) moved into their new HQ they set out to design a space that would embody their core values of creating a circular economy. This meant designing an innovative and inviting space, while keeping sustainability at front of mind.

Tarkett provided the perfect solution with its complementary range of DESSO Fuse & Fields carpet tiles and iD Inspiration loose lay LVT, satisfying both the aesthetic design ambitions and the sustainability requirements. Thanks to Tarkett’s ReStart® programme, this choice aligned perfectly with the LWARB’s circular economy principles. The take-back scheme is dedicated to a collection of flooring at the end-of-life, so that it can be recycled and reused as a new resource.

Jessica Brodrick, from LWARB, comments: “We wanted to lead by example with this project by showing how you can opt for
sustainable materials, without compromising on quality design and functionality. We are all very happy with the results and hope it will inspire others to make more sustainable design choices to bring us all one step closer to achieving a truly circular economy.”

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Tarkett helps London Waste and Recycling Board close the loop