Transbatur Transportation Company Headquarters - Istanbul, Turkey

Transbatur Transportation Company Headquarters - Istanbul, Turkey

2018 | Istanbul, Turkey

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Designing new headquarters for an international logistics firm

Transbatur Transportation Company, an international logistics firm, chose to collaborate with OSO Architecture and Tarkett to design their new headquarters. Tarkett worked closely with OSO Architecture and Transbatur to design the project with the firm’s corporate identity and culture in mind, as well as the needs of workers, customers and visitors with additional spaces for meetings, training and relaxing. Our teams worked hand in hand with the Architects and Designers at OSO to offer Transbatur creative flooring solutions to enhance the new headquarters’ interior design.

Highway-themed office spaces to fit corporate identity

Architects used 200m2 of Tapiflex Excellence Heterogeneous Vinyl Rolls, 190m2 of Desso Desert Modular Carpet and 35m2 of Desso Pallas Modular Carpet to create unique highway-themed office spaces.

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Working hand in hand with the customer and OSO Architecture to design the firm’s new headquarters that reflect its corporate identity

Designer/ Architect

Serhan Bayık

Building owner

Transbatur Transportation Company